John Seward is a free-lance software developer and recovering existentialist, currently residing in Murfreesboro, Tennessee with his wife, Candace Corrigan

He originally developed MailSteward and WordWrapper for his own use, to get a handle on his voluminous email, and to take care of his text massaging chores.

He has been programming for more than 30 years in COBOL, IBM Basic Assembler Language, RPG, FORTRAN, PL-1, BASIC, C, C++, Objective_C, and Perl. On everything from IBM and Honeywell mainframes, to Ohio Scientific, Apple II, Onyx, Commodore 64, Macintosh, IBM PC, Atari ST microcomputers, to Sun SPARC, SGI, and HP workstations.

Email John: jns at
pubblog dot com. Check out his resume here. And check out his tech blog, Nick’s Tech Blog.

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