A friend of mine, after reading the previous post, asked if I really thought that Obama was evil. It’s a fair question, and it may have been a mistake for me to characterize him in that way. Liberals have been routinely portraying conservatives as heartless, racist, and evil for so long that I may have just fallen into their habit. I used to be a liberal after all, and I still pass as one to avoid social and economic ostracization, like what happened recently to the CEO of Whole Foods. I should probably avoid heating things up even more by reciprocating.

I assume that many, most, maybe all, evil people, like Lenin, Hitler, Tailgunner Joe, are sincere in their belief that they are dedicated to the greater good. I suppose politicians and revolutionaries should be differentiated from Richard Speck or Charles Manson, but even those guys, I am sure, had some story that they told themselves about the ultimate goodness, or at least excusability, of their actions.

It looks to me like Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Dodd, Rangle, Frank, Franken, and a bunch of other Democratic leaders and followers, are totalitarian in their instincts and tendencies. I’m not really worried that they will get away with it. This is still America, but they nonetheless need to be called on it.

We all have our totalitarian streak to some extent, the Devil inside. Some small, tiny, infinitesimal, part of me, the nazi within, wishes I could just impose my view on everyone else by diktat. But the current administration in the White House and in Congress, seems to be heavily skewed in that direction.

They appear to be anti-capitalist, for one thing, which, because it is really anti-freedom and prosperity, is sufficient cause to be called evil in my book. They also are showing a disturbing tendency to demonize anyone and everyone who disagrees with them, calling them nazis and un-American and racist.

So I take it back. I don’t want to say that President Obama is evil. I believe that the policies he advocates will have evil results, if they are ever implemented, which is looking more and more unlikely. Let God and history judge him and his confederates. I love and respect all people.

UPDATE: I have been admonished for saying that the Democrats are calling their critics un-American, racist, nazis, without giving any examples. So here are a few examples.

Nancy Pelosi and Steny Hoyer call health care protesters un-American.

video of Nancy Pelosi saying that town hall protesters are “carrying swastikas”

A number of liberal columnists from Chris Matthews to Cynthia Tucker to Paul Krugman have said that the town hall anti-Obamacare protesters are motivated by racism.

Harry Reid calls protesters “evil mongers”.

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