Sonia Sotomayor

I’ve been watching the hearings. She’s been looking pretty good, smart, capable, not nuts. I forgive her her youthful indiscretions and her pandering to the politically correct crowd. It’s understandable for an ambitious Puerto Rican striving to reach the top of the judicial pile. And I forgive her for lying about it to the Judiciary Committee. It’s what she has to do. She seems qualified to be on the Supreme Court, and she doesn’t look like she’ll be a match for Scalia, Roberts, Alito, and Thomas, so I’m not worried.

Of course an analogous record of statements from a white Southern male would be career-ending. Such a person would never get within a country mile of being appointed to the Court, but that’s understandable too.

So now that Obama is President and Sotomayor is soon to be on the Supreme Court, can we finally dispense with racial discrimination against non-black, non-Hispanic people, like Frank Ricci?

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