How bad could it be?

Although I don’t believe it to be the case, just suppose that Barack Obama is in fact the Manchurian candidate acting out a plot concocted in Bill Ayer’s rec room to overthrow the Great Satan and bring about the glorious revolution, following which, as Bill Ayers himself has estimated, some 25 million people would necessarily have to be eliminated.

Supposing that is who Obama really is, what could he realistically accomplish as President of the United States to further his nefarious aims? Not much, is my guess. If he did anything that revealed his secret intentions, he would be impeached. He would not be able to maintain communications with Ayers or Rashid Khalidi or Jeremiah Wright, lest it come to light. In fact if he did anything to undermine the U.S. at home or abroad more effectively than Jimmy Carter did, he would be impeached. And we survived Carter.

And that’s by far the worst case scenario. The more likely scenario is that Obama is an ambitious politician who wants to be re-elected, and remembered as a great leader, and that he will do his best to make that happen. He’s obviously intelligent, and probably not crazy, and, fortunately, the government has no money. He’s not going to raise anybody’s taxes as long as there are fewer than 60 Democrats in the Senate. He’s not going to do anything meaningful towards universal health care. There simply isn’t any money. He’s not going to pull out of Iraq precipitously. He will send more troops to Afghanistan, which I’m not even sure is a good idea. He will appoint some new, liberal Supreme Court justices to replace old, liberal Supreme Court justices. Things will go from bad to worse in Afghanistan. The economy will not be good. And four years from now everyone will be fed up with Obama, Pelosi, and Reid. and Sarah Palin will be elected in a landslide.

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  1. James says:

    “…and Sarah Palin will be elected in a landslide.”

    The Demcrats have been treating Governor Palin pretty delicately this election. I doubt that her Republican rivals for the GOP primary would show any hesitation from attacking her.

    If VP candidate Sarah Palin causes such outrage outside of her core conservative Reuplican base imagine the reaction to Presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

    President Palin? I don’t think so



  2. Rico says:

    The People Have Spoken!

    Although there are still a lot of conservative(read uptight narrow minded types) out there, the general middle of the road person has cast their vote and now you can cry all you want, but Obama showed what a real intelligent measured person sounds like.

    Even McCain gave him a lot of kudos in his ‘Palin Made Me Lose Speech’…

    Anyway, John, I hope you saw this as a positive feeling from Americans…even people at McCain’s speech were clapping about how good Obama is!

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