Psst, Hot Info

Listening to NPR (Commie radio) on the way to pick up a bottle of wine. They’re talking about the resurgence of tuberculosis in the U.S. They talk about the large number of people who are TB carriers but don’t exhibit any symptoms.

The piece goes on and I’m waiting for the punch line. Finally, at the very end of a list of possible causes, they barely, grudgingly, mention “people from other countries.”

Of course that is the whole story. There are the beginnings of a TB epidemic in the U.S. because of the large number of immigrants, illegal and legal, from countries where being a TB carrier is more common than not. I’ve been to China. In China most people are TB carriers.

They buried the lede because they are afraid of, and agree with, political correctness. Immigrants cannot possibly be a problem. The news dispensed from the major news outlets has become so distorted that it is of almost no use for getting actual information about what is really going on.

And so we are forced to seek out disreputable sources of information in dark alleys. Twitter, Conspiracy theorists, Alt (gasp) Right, Black Lives Matter, Scientology, the President of the United States. You can’t trust anyone, but if you’re thirsting for knowledge, the real skinny, you may have to associate with some pretty sketchy characters.

Nobody is going to filter it for you. Walter Cronkite is dead. You are on your own.

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