Welcome to the Information Age

More and more I can’t watch the news/commentary shows anymore. I, and I think many others, have been alerted, and can now see that it is mostly fake news.

It always was, but now it is much worse because of President Trump. The President is not shy about pointing it out, but it is so over the top, he almost doesn’t need to.

These people aren’t telling me anything. it’s all a bunch of crap. Why am I wasting my time watching this? These are the unanswerable thoughts that begin to intrude.

The scary part is, if it’s all fake news, that means we don’t have any reliable source of information about what is really going on. We may have opinions about this or that, but we have no idea what is going on, and even if we did, there is nothing we could do about it.

What we do have is our common sense, and our ability, based on individual experience, to judge a person’s character based on their public appearances. Thin reeds.

Everything else is just somebody selling something. Welcome to the information age.

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