Playing the Cherokee Cane Flute

Candace and her buddies recorded a bunch of wedding songs last Saturday at Rich Adler’s studio that Candace and Janne Henshaw had written for various weddings of friends, Candace’s daughter, and for other wedding gigs. The plan is to put up a website and offer custom wedding songs to people.

I hadn’t planned on staying for the whole session. Recording sessions are basically very boring affairs, sitting around doing multiple takes of the same song, and agonizing over what are, to me, minuscule deviations from perfection. But I wound up staying for the whole thing. The music was fabulous, the repartee and the vibes were sublime. I couldn’t tear myself away. It was fun. Besides Candace, Janne, and Carol Levack doing the vocals, there was Al Goll on dobro, Todd Lombardo on guitar, and Rick Diamond on stand-up bass.

At one of the gigs that Candace, Janne, and I did for a wedding at a 3,000 acre estate in East Tennessee, complete with airstrip, I played a blessing on the Cherokee cane flute just before the vows. So at the recording session, I got to play a little minute long improvisation on the cane flute, which you can listen to here.

And here’s another one of Candace’s songs that got recorded at the same session. It’s not a wedding song, but it’s beautiful, one of my favorites. It’s called Wandering Indiana.

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