Possum for SCOTUS

Below is a picture of a possum that lives in a tree in our backyard. Would he (or possibly she) make a good Supreme Court justice? Hard to say. There is no paper trail or other evidence about how he feels regarding any constitutional questions, including Roe v. Wade. And being nocturnal could pose some problems. On the other hand, he is a very traditional creature from an ancient bloodline, which should reassure conservatives. And I feel confident that he would never change his legal philosophy no matter how much pressure the liberal establishment brings to bear. I can say, from my long-standing personal relationship, that this is a possum of firm character, slow to jump to conclusions, or to jump to anything for that matter, methodical and detail-oriented in his decision-making. This is an honest, hard-working possum with much real-world experience. I don’t know the answer. I think we would have to wait and see how he performs in the Senate hearings.

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