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Free Health Care

Saturday, July 8th, 2017

Formula for providing universal health care:

1. Be a free rider on American innovation in medical technology and drugs.

2. Have America provide for your defense so you don’t have to spend money on that.

3. Take over 50% of people’s income in taxes.

4. Ration care. Have the government decide who gets what treatments when.

Voila! “Free” health care for everyone!

The Dark Side

Thursday, July 6th, 2017

The pull of the dark side, death, evil, whatever you call it, is strong. I was listening on Apple Music, for old time’s sake, to the Jerry Garcia solo albums. Beautiful and dark. Jerry was drawn towards the dark. He sang about his own coming death. Not just Jerry, but the Stones, even the Beatles and Dylan, from time to time, couldn’t help being seduced.

We are all so drawn, I think. There is something seductive, beautiful in its own way, of the rebellion against the light. It is difficult to resist. It is the original sin. It is ISIS.

On my one and only ayahuasca journey, I experienced a vision of ultimate evil. It was like an infinite wall of images of absolute horror, death, and evil. My immediate reaction was shock and fear.

When I was able to gather myself and draw back, I was suddenly struck by how incredibly beautiful the vision was, in spite of being an avalanche of horror. As soon as that happened, it all changed, to the most heavenly vision imaginable. Beauty and love without end.

There is a raging cosmic war being waged for possession of our human souls. We ignore the reality of this war at our ultimate peril.