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This Election is About Race

Wednesday, July 27th, 2016

Nobody wants to say it. This election is about race. The strategy of the Democratic Party is to make white people the minority, by pursuing an open borders policy for non-white people. Meanwhile, white people are routinely demonized in academia, the Democratic Party, the liberal media, and organizations supported by the Democratic Party like Black Lives Matter and La Raza.

The Democratic coalition is now made up of all non-white Americans plus all white Americans that have been made to feel ashamed of their race. This has caused those white people who are not ashamed of being white, to rally around Donald Trump.

Whites were the last holdout of non-identity politics, but now are being forced to start thinking along racial lines, just like everybody else. The Democrats are the party of non-white people and self-loathing white people, and the Republicans are now the party of white people and non-white people who are cool with white people.