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Boots on the Ground

Monday, November 16th, 2015

No boots on the ground? Why? Because a bunch of muslims from somewhere, or Russians maybe, are going to do the fighting for us? Or the Kurds maybe?

Sunni ISIS and Shia Iran agree about one thing. The United States is their greatest enemy. We are the Great Satan. The Kurds are interested in establishing Kurdistan. They have not signed on to be a substitute for the American military. We refuse to arm them so as not offend Turkey. Turkey is a muslim country with a big army, much bigger than ISIS. Are they going to fight ISIS on our behalf? Doesn’t look like it.

This “coalition” that Obama keeps talking about is a fantasy. We either put large numbers of American boots on the ground, or we cede the ground to ISIS. And that ground is not just in Iraq and Syria. It is in Beirut. It is in Russia, Egypt, Libya, Paris, Nigeria. And Minnesota.

Obama wants to import a few hundred thousand Syrian refugees, some of whom will inevitably be trained ISIS soldiers. ISIS doesn’t have a problem with putting boots on the ground.


Saturday, November 14th, 2015

The reason this happened in France is because France has the largest muslim population in Europe. Germany is number two, which is why the 9/11 perpetrators came here from Germany. There is a direct correlation between size of muslim population in a non-muslim country, and danger of islamist military operation in that country that kills large numbers of people. It’s like they have their own little country where they can operate, inside your country. Please, Western Civilization, stop importing muslims.


Thursday, November 5th, 2015

If you are busy, you don’t have time for philosophy. If you are engaged 24/7 with activities essential to your survival, contemplating the meaning of the universe is not a high priority. The pursuit of Philosophy and religion requires a certain amount of leisure. it is a pastime for those who have nothing better to do.

All of civilization is built on the right use of leisure time. Agriculture creates leisure time. No more hunting and gathering. The industrial revolution created more leisure time, at least for some. The information age does it again, eliminating all of those clerical and data entry jobs, and putting all of humanity’s knowledge at everyone’s fingertips. Of course not everyone yet, but soon.

There is no priesthood, no academia, no punditry, no political class, no artists, without leisure. So leisure has been beneficial for the aristocratic class, from whence comes most advances in philosophy, science, scholarship, the arts, and enlighterned rule, from the Roman empire until now.

Fewer adults in the USA are working now than ever since the great depression, due partly to Democratic economic policies, but mostly due to the fact that the modern economy just doesn’t need to have that many people working. This is only going to get worse, or better, depending on your point of view. The jobs are disappearing, and they aren’t coming back. For a long time now, the majority of government jobs have been unproductive and anti-productive ways of keeping the unemployable off the streets.

Although the majority of the unemployed may be opiod addicts, alcoholics, meth freaks, pot heads, and all-around ne’er-do-wells, there are at least a few who are thinking and creating. Maybe they will figure a way out of this mess, but I am skeptical.

People aren’t happy when they are not working. They are not only unhappy, they are self-destructive, ignorant, and in general a drag on society, i.e., the rest of us. Those few that vote will mostly vote for Bernie, the bringer of free stuff, and then Hillary, after Bernie bites the dust. Hopefully they are not yet enough to take us down the democratic path to idiocracy, but that day is coming unless something revolutionary is done.

Make America great again.