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The Handoff

Wednesday, September 30th, 2015

I think it’s probably good that Vladimir Putin has taken charge of American foreign policy in Syria and the rest of the Middle East. Not perfect, but better than the pathetic alternative.

I Like the Pope

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2015

I like the Pope. He seems like a very nice guy who cares about all the people in the world who are suffering, which is all the people in the world, more or less. He is obviously not very bright, and has very little understanding of economics, politics, or science, but it is not necessary to have a high IQ to enter the kingdom of heaven. So good for him. He’s pretty old, so whatever damage he causes will not last long. I’m sure the Church will survive, as it has for two thousand years. I do kinda wish he would mention the millions that have suffered and died under socialism and communism in places like Cuba, and all the Christians that have either been murdered or have fled from the Middle East, but he can’t do everything. After all, he’s busy denouncing air conditioning and “consumerism”.

The Refugee Crisis

Tuesday, September 8th, 2015

Up here, living in one of the circles of the heavenly realms, we are still exposed to the suffering of the billions not living in the heavenly realms. Earthly conditions are better than ever, but they are also more universally known than ever. Now it looks like the suffering billions, at least a large proportion of them, have every intention of picking up stakes and moving to our circle of the old HR (Heavenly Realms). The question is what do we do? Of course they all want to live here. Who wouldn’t want to, given the choice? But, if they all come here, then this will no longer be a circle in the heavenly realms. It will be a corrupt, tyrannical, crime-ridden kleptocracy, like any one of a number of African, Latin American, and Middle Eastern countries. I submit that we are, ever so slightly, already moving in that direction.

There are a couple of points of view about what to do. One point of view is that all of the suffering of the non-HR people is the result of European colonization. Therefore it is all our fault and Western Civilization should commit suicide as a reparation. That’s one point of view. I hope I’ve stated it fairly. The other point of view is that European colonization, for all of its many flaws, was, on balance, a civilizing influence, and Western Civilization is something worth defending and preserving, and, dare I say it, expanding where possible.

When I say Western Civilization, I refer, of course, to Europe and the United States of America, and several allied others. Europe is the history of Western Civilization. The USA is the current bearer of the torch. Another name for Western Civilization is (Oh no! Don’t say it! Everyone will freak out!) Christendom.

It looks to me like Christendom is on the way out, in slow motion. If that happens, what takes its place will not be pretty.