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How Historic is It?

Sunday, June 15th, 2008

My brother sent me a link to this AP article about black conservatives who are going to vote for Obama. For example, black conservative talk show host Armstrong Williams says, “I don’t necessarily like his policies; I don’t like much that he advocates, but for the first time in my life, history thrusts me to really seriously think about it.”.

Yeh, de colored, dey all votin’ fer Obama. As a Welsh/German/Scot married to an Irish/God knows what/Injun, I am not at all sure who I should vote for. McCain is Irish of course, which is a plus, but Obama’s mother is Irish/British, so I’m torn.

I guess I should just follow the lead of my black conservative brothers and sisters, and go strictly by skin color. Obama is pretty white, but he can’t really compete with McCain on that score. That settles it. I’m voting for John McCain.

Remake this great nation?

Saturday, June 7th, 2008

“This was the moment, this was the time when we came together to remake this great nation so that it may always reflect our very best selves and our highest ideals.”

-Barack Obama

Remake? This is the statement of someone who, in his heart of hearts, as in the hearts of his associates, Jeremiah Wright, Father Pfleger, Bill Ayers, Michelle Obama, believes that America sucks. As one who, for most of his adult life, shared their belief, I can say, along with Michelle, that only in the past few years, for the first time in my life, I am proud of my country. I am proud of my country, not because Obama has been nominated, well partly that too, but because my country is, and always has been, since its founding, worthy of pride and respect and devotion, and I only recently realized it.

Obama got the vote of the half of the Democratic Party that believes that America sucks. They believe it so fervently that they turned out for the caucuses in large numbers. Hillary Clinton received the votes of the slightly more than half of the Democratic Party that still doesn’t believe that America sucks. Very few Republicans believe that America sucks. I’m not sure how independents split, but I suspect somewhere around 50-50. Barack Obama has the America sucks vote sewed up, but that’s it, those are pretty much the only votes he is going to get. If I am correct, then the general election popular vote should split approximately 1/3 Obama, 2/3 McCain.

Now it probably won’t be that extreme. Obama is young and beautiful, McCain is old, and stiff from torture he endured as a Communist POW. That will swing some votes Obama’s way from the same young people who vote for The American Idol, so I expect the percentages will be more like 45/55, rather than 33/67. But that’s still a landslide.

I have never been a great election prognosticator, so it will not be a surprise if it turns out that I’m wrong. But if Obama actually wins this election, I will be very downhearted, and I will tremble for the future of my country, and for the world that depends on the United States of America for its future.

I could be wrong about that too. Obama’s ambition and cynicism, and skepticism about America might just possibly yield to the crushing responsibility of the Presidency, as it has done for many others in our history. Let us pray.