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The Great Debate

Friday, January 25th, 2008

Just finished watching the Republican debate in Boca Raton. Well, I missed a few brief segments when I went out to get more wine, and drain the dragon. I hate to admit it, but I loved it. I haven’t watched one of these things in awhile, and I was prepared to be cynical and ironic, but it was great. I loved every one of these guys, even Ron Paul. I agreed with every one of them, except Ron Paul. Tim Russert and Brian Williams had prepared a structure of questions designed to create maximum smack-down. And nobody fell for it. They were all too smart. In a way, the entire debate was a series of artful dodges of the attempt on the part of the “moderators” to start a fight.

The questions were all from a liberal point of view, but I didn’t mind that. They were tough, relevant questions. And they were handled brilliantly. Nobody took the bait. NBC News wanted, desperately it seemed, to foment the kind of dog fight that is presently ocurring between the Clintons and Obama, but they had no such luck.

Romney has gotten into the groove of being the competent manager who knows exactly how to do it, whatever it may be. He has all the facts. He’s done it before. He’s money, as they say.

McCain is, whatever you may think of his various pronouncements, a straight talker, at least relatively speaking. And it is not just a politically required cliche to say that he is a true American hero. He is.

Huckabee is a fricking genius! He’s the best politician I’ve seen since JFK, and that includes Bill Clinton.

Giuliani is my first love. Since then I have slept with Thompson, McCain, and now Romney. What a slut. I am so ashamed. Rudy was great. I could easily settle down with him, in the unlikely event that he will be resurrected from the dead.

Even Ron Paul. I think he is a wacko about America’s position and responsibilities in the world. I can’t believe nobody is asking him about all the racist, anti-Semitic, paranoid garbage that went out under his name in the Ron Paul Newsletter. But he’s no dummy.  He is inspiring, even entertaining.

But if you want the real skinny, I can’t compete with the drunkblogging from Vodka Pundit.

my current choice

Sunday, January 20th, 2008

God, the whole Democratic Obama-Clinton drama is horrifying.  There is real stuff happening in the world in Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, and everywhere else.  Putting Obama or the Clintons in power scares the shit out of me.  I’d be happy with Romney, McCain, Giuliani, or Thompson.

Right now I’m leaning toward Romney, but I’ve been all over the map.  I like Mitt because he is one of the world’s most competent managers of large organizations.  He’s not an idealogue.  He doesn’t appear to be crazy. He’s a gee-whiz, Mormon kind of guy, but that’s OK.  At various times though I have been for Rudy and McCain and Thompson.  I guess I’m like the typical American voter.  I want to go with a winner.

The thing is though, one of the main problems with the United States government is that, in the executive branch, the bureaucracy is more powerful than the executive.  The CIA, the State Department, the Pentagon, not to mention all of the domestic bureaucracies, rule.  If anyone can deal with this, it is Mitt Romney.