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Monday, June 18th, 2007

What really needs to happen is to clean up the legal immigration bureaucracy first. And then, after that, it’s not really about a fence so much. It’s about a tamper-proof, universal id card, and strict enforcement against those who hire anyone without one. Yes, this would mean that we would have to pay a higher hourly wage to roofers, remodelers, yard-workers, chicken-plucking factory workers, etc., and higher prices as a result. Isn’t this what Democrats want? Higher wages for the bottom? (or, er, is it more non-English-speaking voters?) If these things were done, then, fence or no fence, we would be in control of who comes here, and why. This proposal is the almost diametric opposite of the immigration “compromise” that is being pushed by Ted Kennedy and Trent Lott.

If this were put in place, we could then easily accommodate those who wish to leave the failed state of Mexico, and come to the United States to work and live and thrive, as we always have.