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Global Warmingism

Wednesday, March 21st, 2007

Here is Senator Inhofe’s opening statement to Saint Gore at the Senate hearing.

Here is Al “the debate is over” Gore his own self.

Although I am a global warmingism holocaust denier, here is graphic that I found interesting from a sociological point of view.

And here is The Great Global Warming Swindle video, which features a number of prominent scientists who don’t believe, many of them cited by the U.N. report as if they were supporters.

And here is a statement on global warming from Vaclav Klaus, President of the Czech Republic.

Grand Strategy

Sunday, March 4th, 2007

The war on Islamic fascism is an interconnected, global affair, like everything else these days. The war in Afghanistan is being waged by Al Qaeda and the Taliban from their secure strongholds in Pakistan. Afghanistan cannot be separated from Pakistan. Until the Islamic fascist threat to Pakistan is somehow resolved, Afghanistan will be at war. In the same way, the war in Iraq will not be won until Iran and Syria are made to cease importing money, weapons, and personnel. The worldwide indoctrination of young Muslims into the Wahhabi, Salafist, Islamic fascist ideology will not cease until Saudi Arabia stops funding mosques and madrassas all over the world.

The idea that Iraq exists in a vacuum and is something that we can just withdraw from, is childishly simplistic. North Korea has supplied Iran with missile technology. Pakistan has, in the past, supplied Iran and others with nuclear bomb technology. France, Germany, Austria, and Russia have all supplied Iran with military technology of various sorts. Hezbollah, Hamas, and Fatah all receive aid from iran and the Arabs, not to mention Europe and even the United States.

There is no short-term, easy way out of this. There must be a Grand Strategy that sees Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Palestine, North Korea, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Europe, Russia, India, Indonesia, Thailand, and more as pieces of the grand puzzle which is, in George W. Bush’s words, “…the great ideological struggle of the 21st century — and it is the calling of our generation. All civilized nations are bound together in this struggle between moderation and extremism.”.

Newt Gingrich to the rescue:

“All of the grand strategy has to be to organize and arouse every element on the planet that wants to be prosperous, safe and free, and to gradually crowd out every element that is determined to impose dictatorship. . . . And that means we’ve gotta think much more aggressively . . .

“For example, we should be talking about women’s rights. I mean, women’s rights is the easiest, cleanest single fight worldwide in taking on [the most radical forms of Islam]. . . .

“The tragedy of the current American system is we won in 23 days [in Iraq], and then we threw away victory . . . We don’t have a large enough strategy. . . .

“THE last time we tried liberal weakness in the Mideast was Jimmy Carter. And nobody wants to talk about what a disaster this was. It was chaotic. You had an American ambassador killed in Afghanistan, an American embassy burned in Pakistan, a 444-day hostage crisis in Iran, we had gasoline rationed in the U.S. . . . People have forgotten what a total disaster this was . . .

“We tried weakness in the Middle East. Liberalism had a shot at this. And [yet] we’re not prepared to get up and say to Teddy Kennedy, “You guys did this before, I mean, do you really want to go back and do it again?

We’ve got to start with that notion – you had better think through a grand strategy, and you had better be prepared to do what it takes.”

No More Privacy

Friday, March 2nd, 2007

We are the victims of identity theft. Someone got ahold of the card number and other info from my bank debit card and charged $3,000 worth of stuff yesterday before I canceled the card. I caught it right away. I look at that account every day because it gets deposits from paypal MailSteward sales. Candace has been on the phone constantly calling all of the merchants that were charged and trying to get them to cancel the orders. Some will, some won’t.

In the process she also found three different merchants who all said that the goods were being shipped to 812 N Arapahoe St. in Amarillo, TX. So she also called the Amarillo police dept. a number of times, and dragged me to the cop shop in Murfreesboro to file a police report. The nice cop who filled out our report said that this was the sixth such report filed this month. He asked if we had shopped at TJ Max recently. We had. And so had all the other people who had filed reports. TJ Max had a hacker break-in recently and thousands of credit card numbers got stolen, many of them in Tennessee. The cop informed us that there was very little likelihood that Amarillo was going to stake out that address and bust the guy.

The process of dealing with all this has been a learning experience. If you have a few numbers, which you can buy on the street for about $50 apiece, it is easy to buy stuff online, ship it overnight to the address of an empty house or building, fence it through e-bay, and never get caught. The thing is, if you are internet-savvy, and have police powers, and good communications between police departments, it is equally easy to track down and bust these guys, by just sitting in front of a computer, if you’re quick about it. But they don’t do that of course. The Murfreesboro cop just kept shaking his head and saying that they’re gonna have to do something about this pretty soon, it’s just gettin’ out of hand.

Hacking into TJ Max is the hard way. Any store or restaurant that processes credit cards gives minimum wage workers access to all of your credit card info except your address, which is easily found online for many people, certainly for me. This is just gonna get worse until we have a national identity card and retina or fingerprint verification everywhere, including attached to your personal computer. I, for one, welcome these intrusions into my privacy, now that I no longer have criminal or politically radical tendencies.